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Search for a Septic Provder Near You!

Search for a Septic Provider Near You!


A New Liquid Waste Management Solution
is currently in Beta!

The Goal: To connect septage businesses with rural communities through a digital platform.

Beta Features

Claim or create your business listing in the AutoSeptic App directory today to start funneling customers to your business!

Claim Your Business Listing

Confirm your company’s position in the directory to begin reaching potential customers. Give your company the advantage it needs.

Modify Your Listing

Update the directory with your preferred information to best connect with customers. Make a splash to catch their attention. Let them know what you can do for them.

Increase Customer Awareness

Position your company in the forefront to secure a wider audience. Why be seen as number two when they could see you as number one on the list? Ask us how we can assist.

In Development

AutoSeptic is a work in progress. There are many new features to come!

Driver & Employee Management

Keep updated data for drivers and employees to be utilized in optimizing your business. Manage your team’s workload and information to best provide your customers with exceptional service. Increase morale with an efficient, easy to use system to help keep your team happy and on task.

Invoice & Billing Management

A user-friendly system for billing customers that provides them a stress-free payment system. For your receiving and transferring of funds, AutoSeptic can assist your company through the entire process. Emails and texts are available for all involved parties to stay better connected.

Customer Relations Management

Great customer service retains business long after low costs or sales pitches fade from memory. Developing a lasting relationship with customers will keep them satisfied and grow your business. Let AutoSeptic assist in keeping you connected with your customers.

Operator Training Management

AutoSeptic will help you manage training and keep necessary certifications up-to-date. Don’t fall behind on legal requirements when our system will aid you in the process. Keep your business running efficiently with a system that works to ensure your team is ready for duty.

Government Report Management

For all your reporting needs, AutoSeptic relates to various resources your company needs to communicate with regularly. DNR, County, State, and Federal government agencies will be but a few clicks away as your reports are easily and properly filed.

License Management

To ensure that your business is ready to do the job, AutoSeptic’s system is prepared to keep you updated on all matters concerning licensing. Avoid the hassle of scattered documentation and forgotten files. We’re here to help carry the load.

Ask about participating in the AutoSeptic Beta!