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About the App

AutoSeptic is a newly fashioned system for septic companies to stay better connected with customers and government agencies.

To bring the industry into the future, our system will provide efficient and user-friendly processes to help run your business successfully.

We work to create a singular system for the industry through which all regulated processes can be managed. To better the process across the nation, we aim to eliminate wasted time and labor. Issuing customers an electronic alarm connected to our system, you’ll be quickly notified of customers needing your assistance.

With easily managed information, your company can quickly handle payments, reporting, and workforce management.

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Ask about the AutoSeptic Beta today. Give your company an advantage by being available and active on this innovative system. Put yourself in front of every customer. Cut your costs of time and labor through properly managed tasks. We’re here to lighten the load.

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Take control of your name in our directory. While customers may see you in passing, you have the ability to polish your listing into a personalized attention grabber. We offer many services to aid you in drawing in the customers.

Digitally Invoice Customers

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Billing customers can be a tedious task when schedules and mailings force you to wait. With our system, you can send invoices to your customers electronically. They can then pay through the system to ensure you’re paid quickly for your labor. User-friendly and safe for all parties, funds can be quickly transferred to settle any invoices.

Report Management

*Coming Soon

Reporting to the DNR, County, State, and Federal agencies can be a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. AutoSeptic provides your company with a direct line to the necessary agencies that require your updates. With proper documentation and our user-friendly processes, you can better manage your reporting and cut down the time needed to do it.

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